Phase 10

“I want the truth.  Nothing but it.  I need to know, damnit.  I’m tired of running around in circles.  I need the truth, I have the right to know.  So tell me now.” I glared at Denzel’s figure, sitting among the skulls in the distance, “What is the real reason I can’t be around Lucas?”

“You know what?” Denzel fiddled with a skull in his bony fingers, “why do I have to tell you?  You keep betraying me.”  I yelled at the top of my lungs and it echoed awfully loudly for a moment.  I yelled, “Just tell me damnit!”  He dropped the skull and it rolled into an empty space between a few more skulls.

“Damn.” Was followed with a loud sigh.  His voice quieted then he said, “It’s like a rule.  If I meet another, then I am weakened.”

“Doesn’t sound like such a bad thing in my view.” I chuckled.  I realized that was a bad thing to say when he vanished from the distance and appeared right in front of me.  I saw him, I saw his face.  Face to face.  His face…  I cold feel his chilling breath on my lips and his nose was practically touching mine.  He was bent forward just a bit so he could start at me, eye to eye.  His eyes were black.  Completely black except the white surrounding them.  His facial features were strong and defined.  It looked like he hadn’t shaved in two days from the stubble, do these things shave?!, and his teeth were straight and white as he growled.  His forehead was caressed by his silky black hair, his neck as well.  Strands of hair fell over his ears, scruffy.  His eyebrows were thick and shiny black.  He was handsome.

He took his hands and grasped my shoulders tightly.  I looked into his eyes, still, mesmerized.  The strangest thing then happened.  His whole eye turned black, then just his iris turned into a fiery red.  He let go of me and spun around quickly, then vanished.  I felt small in this big landscape.  I felt small in Denzel’s landscape of death.


Home felt different.  In fact, everything felt different.  Dinner that night didn’t taste like steak, it was bland.  My bed felt harder than before, uncomfortable.  But, the coffee table was still broken.  It was just my nerves.  Something drastic had finally happened today.  I saw the most handsome man I have ever seen and I’m not allowed to do anything; if I do, do something, then I suffer from my own fault.  My own stupid fault.  What the hell is wrong with me?  Why does this have to happen to me?  I didn’t kill anyone on purpose!  …I wonder what Mercy is like.

Apparently, she is dreadful.

The phone rang.  I picked up and in a hurried voice, heard, “I have one free call, two minutes, I didn’t know who else to call, please, you gotta come now, I have to tell you everything.”


I met Lucas the next morning and he started talking.  Behind the glass, in the ugly uniform, with the phone to his ear, he looked at me and said, “the black van, that wasn’t an accident.  They did it on purpose.”  I tightened my already nervous grip on the phone and said, “who are they then?  Did they give you a year in prison?”

“It’s not decided yet.” Lucas’s voice became urgent, “They don’t know how long they’re going to keep me in here!  I committed man slaughter, damnit, Roslyn, I’m not going to deny it, I just don’t know what to do!”

“You mean, you never went to jail after you killed your sister?”  I looked at his eyes through the glare on the glass and he looked down.

“Roslyn,” he began, “I’ve been running.  You have no clue how difficult it has been.”  I sat up straight in the chair and bit my bottom lip.  My palm was getting sweaty when I decided to change the subject.  I said, “have you ever seen Mercy’s face?”

“Yes.” He answered quickly.

“When did you see it?  And what does it look like?”

Lucas responded quickly with, “I saw it years ago, she’s been with me for years now, Roslyn, why does this matter?  I need to get out of here…  Mercy made me kill my sister.”

“You killed someone.” I stated, “You can’t just walk out of this!  And what do you mean Mercy made you kill her?  You don’t get a guardian until after you kill someone!”

“Roslyn, please don’t make me explain.  I’m sorry I didn’t tell you the whole story in the beginning.  It’s… just complicated.”

“Tell me, damnit!  You told me to come so you could tell me everything!”

“…do you ever wonder why my father would have sent my younger sister to find me when I was drunk?  Don’t you think my father would have come for me?”

“Oh my God.” Speechless.  I was completely speechless.  A man that I thought I knew was really confined for two murders.  These secrets felt poured onto me, like a flood falling on top of me and there was nothing I could do plug the hole.  I couldn’t reach the source and stop the flood.  I didn’t want to know this.  Too much…  “Lucas…  Answer me this…  Why did you kill your father?”

“You know I don’t deserve to be in here.” He avoided the topic at hand, “Roslyn…” He gave me those big eyes, but I felt no remorse, sympathy, or sorrow.  I stood slowly from my chair, sliding it back, hearing that painful screeching noise as the legs scraped the concrete.  That didn’t bother me.  I hung up the dreary grey phone and looked at Lucas again.  His stupid eyes were looking at me, his shaking hand was still holding the phone, as if I was going to pick up again.  I left right then.  As I was walking from the room, I heard him yell my name, louder, then louder, then I heard him yell for the guards to get off of him and stop me.  They won’t listen to him, that’s obvious.

My life has become insanely complex.  Before, It used to be just me and Denzel.  Now, it’s me, Denzel, Lucas, Mercy, jail, and just more pain.  I would have been better off never meeting with Lucas again.  He’s ruining me.  Everything is slowly dragging me down, back to where I was before, a mess with those drugs.  And soon, it’ll start affecting my work.  Then I’ll have no one to-.

“Roslyn.  You’re Roslyn?”  I turned around in a complete circle next to my car door to see who had said my name.  I glared and said, “Who’s asking?”  At first, I thought it was Denzel.  But… the voice just didn’t seem right.

I turned quickly, sensing a presence, and in front of me stood a tall woman with long blonde curls, falling over her thin shoulders.  Her arms and legs were lanky under her red, glittery, formal dress.  Her shoes, well, she wore none.  Her lips were full and her nose, perky.  She had high cheek bones with a beautiful face.  But her eyes...  Her eyes were black.

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