Phase 11

Her sudden appearance startled me and I stepped back, off the curb next to my car door.  My hands began to tremble as my eyes became glossy.  The street lamp, looming above her head, flickered slowly, but noticeably.  The street was quiet.  Dead.  Quiet.  The only thing that made a noise was my loudly beating heart.

“Mercy”, I managed to stutter, “How…?  What?”

“Please.” She began in a soft, seductive voice, “don’t stutter.  I know what you’re going to ask.”  She flicked a lock of hair over her shoulder and said, “we can do anything.  Surprises me that yours hasn’t even shown himself in person in your realm.”

“I- I’ve seen him…” I wasn’t quite sure what to say.  Mercy stepped closer and my palms began to get sweaty.

“You want to ask me something don’t you?” She asked.


“Spit it out.” How did she know I wanted to ask her something?  My fists only got tighter as I said, “is it true that when two of you death guardians get close to each other, you both are weakened?”

“Indeed, it is very true, Roslyn.” She stepped back, and that helped me to ease my breath.

“Then why show yourself to me?  You’re weak right now, aren’t yo-?” Within the blink of an eye, Mercy was gone.  I was alone again in the dark street outside of the prison.  I turned quickly and frightened.  My fingers began to shake as I fumbled for the right key.

Another moth was met that night, fluttering beneath the glow of the lamppost.

I drove home afraid that night.  What are these things really capable of?


Home was a relief.  Everything was normal.  Thermostat read 70, my after-midnight-snack read fresh, and my coffee table read broken.  Denzel remained away from me.  I constantly think about him, wonder what he’s doing.  Is he somewhere else?  Or is he atop that pile of skulls, pondering what to do with me next.  Maybe he’s waiting for me to slip up again, so he can punish me, completely unjustified.  Wherever he is though, why do I want him so near to me so often?

“Denzel…” I spoke quietly.  I adjusted my posture on the couch, a bit worried, then spoke again.  “Denzel.”  Louder this time, and the room became cold.  Finally.  “Denzel, please hear me out.” I paused, “Why haven’t you shown yourself to me in my reality yet…?” I braced for impact, for the fingernails to gouge into my shoulder.  Alas, nothing happened, but he spoke.

“How do you know about that?” His voice didn’t come with urgency, it came with understanding.  It was strange.


Denzel cut me off and said, “So she showed herself, did she?”  I nodded discreetly, then decided to speak up for myself.

“I feel so blindfolded when I’m with you.  Don’t you understand?  I can’t see you, I don’t know when you’re coming, and when you do come, you hurt me instantly with your touch.”


Did I say too much?


“It’s my choice.” He began, “I chose what to do and when I do it.  Mercy is… of a higher class than I am.  She’s more powerful.” I could tell that it pained him to say it.  He continued with, “You already know that Lucas committed more than 2 acts of killing, so, naturally, he’d get a more powerful, more aggressive demon to watch over him.  You only committed two, so, you get me.”

“More than 2?” I stood suddenly, terrified.  “Lucas committed more than 2 murders?  I thought he only committed two!”  The room’s temperature raised and I heard Denzel’s faint words, “I thought he told you.  I’ve said enough.” And he was gone from me.


The morning came slowly, as I stayed up all night long, staring blankly at the Wednesday night tv shows, with so much tumbling about in my mind.  It would be hard to concentrate on anything else.  Thursday rolled around and I requested off from work.  Again.  Jillian wasn’t happy at all, but I gave a good reason.  “A family member is struggling in court.” I’d tell her.  Something like that…  And the sad thing is that it’s almost true.  Lucas was like family to me.  He really was.

With Lucas’s little outbreak yesterday, he was restrained as we spoke.  His hands were cuffed in front of him, on his lap, under the glass table upon which we spoke over.

“I’m glad you came back.” He said gently.  It seemed almost fake.  Then again, anyone wearing that orange suit would be instantly suspected.  “I’m sorry about that time.  About.  About last time.  I’m sorry…”  I stayed quiet.  I was terrified.  I was sitting in front of a murderer, an old friend, about to ask him about his murders.  “Roslyn…” He could sense the fear in me.  “I’m sorry, I really am.  What is it you need to talk about?”  His voice seemed gentler now, perhaps trying to comfort me.

“I need to…” I took a big gulp, “ask you.  About.  Something…”

“What is it?”

“You didn’t just kill…….. two people… did you?”

I didn’t want to look him in the eye, so my gaze naturally fell to the glass table.  I saw his hands tense up and his leg begin to bob up and down.

The room we were in was the “common” room, I suppose.  It had a few glass tables in it, a few other people sitting at one with a friend or family.  The general hue of the room was a grimy grey.  It was depressing.  What was I expecting though.  Lucas and I sat at the far end of the room at our large table, sitting across from one another.  Behind Lucas, a few yards back, was a guard.  His back was turned towards us to give us privacy, but I knew he was listening in.

I knew Lucas was becoming panicky.  It was obvious in his, all of the sudden, irregular breath and his hopping leg.  He hung his head and his eyes glanced to his left, then right, then up at me.  Our eyes met and I couldn’t tear mine away.

“Who told you about this.” His voice was clearly in a panic.

“It doesn’t matter.” I was quick to jump.

“Who told you this!” He rose quickly from his chair, making it fall with a loud “CLAT” behind him.  The guard took immediate action, turned, and grabbed Lucas’s arms.  Lucas was always quick to temper, but it was never really this quick…  He has really changed.  The guard held him back as Lucas then said, “Was it Mercy?  Did she tell you?”  I sat in my chair, tense, frightened from his sudden outburst.

“CALM DOWN.” The guard spoke loudly with a stern, bold voice.  Lucas stopped struggling.  He leaned forward, as far as he could go with the guard hanging onto him, and he said, “I don’t deserve to be in here.  I really don’t.  I didn’t mean to kill anyone.”

I stood from my seat and pushed my purse strap up over my shoulder.  It took a moment.  Then, I leaned forward and, about 8 inches away from his face, I said “I don’t know what to believe anymore.”  I turned and began walking.

“Roslyn, don’t walk out of here!” He yelled.  His voice was panicky, angry, and frustrated.


Something terrifying happened when I left the building.  I felt a sudden chill down my spine and a jolt to my heart.  My vision went black and I felt two hands over my eyes.  Denzel then said, “I want to show you something.”  Then, I could see again.  I was still just facing my little car.  Then, a loud “HIYA!” from Denzel and a slam to my back.


I was staring at a cement ceiling all of the sudden, it was colder than I remember.  I felt a strange energy surge through me and I sat up.  I was Lucas.

“Hear me out.”  I heard Denzel’s voice.  I wanted to scream, but my mouth stayed closed.  “You are in the mind of Lucas.  You will see, experience, and feel everything he does.  Enjoy.”

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