Phase 16

Lucas was lying on the floor, sprawled on his back.  He looked dead.  I hurried to him and, still struggling for my hands to come free, I nudged his side with my knee and said, “Lucas?!  Wake the fuck up!!”  His head just rolled to his side.  Then, I realized why he was lying on the ground, unconscious.  On the side of his head, he had a big wound.  The blood was dried around his ear and the side of his face, but the cut was still large, open, and red.

“How’d you like to know what it felt like for him?” A voice was heard from behind me, “for the man you killed, eh?”  I turned my head in a rush to see another man like the other in alley, except this one was shorter and had a more round stomach.  He emerged from the darkness and his face became quite clear under the dim light.  He had brown short hair on top of his round face, above his brown eyes.  His stubble didn’t really fit his figure, but I wasn’t about ready to start judging this man.

“What the hell is going on?  Who are you?” I grit my teeth, “And what did you do to Lucas?”

“Lucas,” the man said loudly, “deserves this.”

“No he doesn’t!” I stood quickly, trying to intimidate the man.  It didn’t work, he and I both knew that he had all the power right now.”

“He killed more than he’s willing to admit.” The man examined his fingernails calmly, “and if the police won’t do it, we will.”

“Who is ‘we’?!”

“I suppose there’s no harm in telling his whore.  We’re relatives of the people he killed.” He shook his head, “where was I?”  He pulled a gun from his trench coat pocket.  It was my pistol.  “I said…  How would you like to know how it felt for him?”

“D- don’t do this!” I said, stepping back, closer to Lucas.  It was obvious he took no mercy nor pity upon me after he pulled the trigger.  Instantly, I found myself lying on the floor with a shoulder wound.  The bullet had just skimmed my shoulder, but it was enough for the blood to start seeping through my jacket.  I cursed as I rolled onto my hands, under my back, and breathed heavily.

I never signed up for this…

I then turned to the man and yelled, “Where… are you going?!” between my breaths.  He opened a door with a key, walked through the frame, turned, and said, “don’t worry, I’ll be back”, and he shut it behind him.

I turned my head back to Lucas, whose eyebrows were now tensing up.  He is waking up.

“Lucas?!” I cried softly, “Lucas??”

The lights flickered, a few doors closed, a few thumps were heard, footsteps, then the door opened and in came the same man.  I staggered to my feet, standing in front of Lucas.  Then, he groaned.

“Lucas!” I said again, I turned to him.  His eyes were opened, looking at me gently.  Then, they widened and he jumped to his feet.  He pushed me behind him and he said, “Let her go!” to the man.  “She has nothing to do with this.”

“I think you’re lying.” The man stepped closer and spun the pistol around on his finger.  Lucas didn’t know what to say, so he told me to stand back.  I did as he said and I stood half behind a large pipe in the back of the already small room.

Lucas then lunged at him with his fist, ready to punch, but the man was quick and stopped him.  He grabbed Lucas’s wrist and pushed him against the wall.  Lucas’s back made a terrible slamming sound against the cold brick behind him.  Lucas flailed his leg out to kick the man in his gut, but the man was faster and he jumped back, then quickly resumed his position, holding Lucas’s hands against the wall.  Lucas then yelled, “Roslyn, get out of here!  Fuck you, Stills!”

As I ran to the door to escape, I put the pieces together.  Stills is related to the third person Lucas killed.  Before I left the room, I turned to see Lucas, being beaten to the ground.


“Just GO!”

I looked up the cold stairs, and I ran.  Half way up the steps I could see that there was a door in front of me I had to open.  Great.  How am I going to open it quickly, none the less, effectively?  I got the door, turned around, fiddled my fingers on the door knob, and it opened!  Perfect.  Or… not.  My shoulders were then grabbed by cold, cold, large hands.  The hands turned me around and I was face-to-face with another large man.  He looked about the same as the one downstairs, but he was a little taller and had darker hair.

“Hey, what the hell?” He said, “G- go the fuck back.” His voice seemed panicked.  I take it that the other man, Stills, was the calmer one.  I was literally shoved and poked down the steps by this man.  Lucas was now on the other side of the room, pinned up against the wall with a bloody nose, lip and still the side of his head.

“Stop that!”

“Shut up!” Stills was about to take his fist and slam it into Lucas’s face when I came and kicking him in his back and Stills let go of Lucas.  Lucas collapsed to the ground as the man released his grip and turned to me.  He held his fist up, I braced for impact…

“Not worth it.”  And Stills left again, with the other man.

I raced to Lucas’s side and said, “What the fuck is going on?  I don’t like any of this, I… I can’t-.”

“I’m sorry…” Lucas mumbled, “I should have never got you involved.”

Then I realized that we were now in this together.  He killed three people, his sister, his father, and one of which I do not know… And I killed three people, too.  My mother, my father, and one of which I do not know…

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