Phase 18

Lucas was feeling better and we both were watching the news that night, sitting on the couch, eating popcorn.  I sat on the far right end of the couch, and he on the left.  He probably feels guilty.

Instantly, I was gone from my apartment and I was standing still in a black landscape.  It was pitch dark and I was completely disoriented and confused.

“Denzel?” I whispered.  It was hardly a whisper, more like a lip sync of the word.

“HE’S NOT HERE!” A booming voice from the atmosphere caused me to jerk my head up and step back.

“W- What’s going on?” I stuttered.

“YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO ASK QUESTIONS HERE.” It was loud and very masculine, “EVER.”

I turned around a few times, but that didn’t help.  I knew it wouldn’t, but it was mentally soothing… just for a moment.

A strong push was felt on my back and I limped forward.  It just stung a bit.  Then, it felt as if my back was blown out like explosives placed in mountain side.  I fell onto my stomach and screamed.

“DON’T SCREAM, IT HURTS MY EARS.” His voice was hurting mine…!  I couldn’t help it and I screamed again from the immense pain.  My eyes were shut so hard and the pain was so much, tears began to form in my eyes.  Once the first tear fell, I felt a harsh slap to that side of my face and he spoke again, “DON’T DIRTY MY LAIR, CHILD.” He paused as I gasped and caught my breath, “I HOPE YOU ENJOYED THIS INTRODUCTION.”  I felt a frozen breath fall down my back, then I felt my body shake.

I heard, “Roslyn.  ROSLYN.  ROSLYN?!?”

My vision was restored, fuzzily, and I was looking at a ceiling.  Then, a man put his face in front of mine about a foot away.  I pushed my legs out, rocketed backwards two feet, and kicked the man in his gut.  He fell backwards and hit the wall.

Lucas said, “Roslyn, what the hell?!”  I lifted my head, propped myself up with my elbows, and cried, “oh my God, Lucas?  I’m so sorry.”  Lucas sprang back and jumped over to me.

“What happened?!” He began, “You passed out!”

“I- I passed out?!”

“….yes!?!  What the hell just happened?  Do you feel okay?”

“I feel…” I felt my back, then the side of my face.  I was awfully confused.  “I… passed out?!!”

“YES!” Lucas spoke louder, “What happened?!”

“I…” It took me a moment to collect my thoughts.  “I killed a man to find you, Lucas.  And now…  Denzel is gone, and… I think I have a new one.”  Lucas’s eyes widened and his eyebrows fell at the sides.  He felt incredibly guilty.  “But…  I passed out?!  That has never happened before…  With Denzel it would feel like I’d be gone about 5 minutes, but I’d come back to reality and it’d be only a second later…!  Do you pass out with Mercy…!?”

“No, I don’t.” He swallowed nervously, “Then again, all demons are different. …. Look…. I’m sorry… God… I just can’t bel-.”

“Please, we’re in this together.”


“So what happened when you were there?  What did it look like?”

“Completely black.  I could only see myself and nothing else.  Then, I felt a sting in my back, then a strange feeling…” I inhaled slowly, then exhaled, “it felt like my back was blown out.  Then, he slapped me.  That was it.”

“… What’s his name?”

“I don’t know.”

“… What do you think happened to Denzel?”

“I don’t know.” I shut my eyes, “but I’d do anything to get him back.”

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