Phase 21

With the blink of an eye, I was in Regret’s reality world.  Blackness surrounded me, but I felt a strong presence.  Then…

“What the hell, you bastard!” I turned to find Mercy cursing into the darkness.  “What do you want, huh?  Send me back!”

“SHUT UP, MERCY.” Regret’s voice was a loud stereo surrounding Mercy and I.  Mercy seemed intimidated and she didn’t speak again for a moment.  Why should be so afraid of Regret when they’re the same Class?  What does he have that she doesn’t?  “MERCY.  Tell her.”

“Fuck you, Regret.”


“…Tell her what, damnit!!”

“TELL HER HOW YOU DIED.”  Regret’s voice boomed above us.  Mercy was embarrassed for some reason, but she replied saying, “please, Regret.” She laughed a little, folded her arms and clumsily pointed her finger at me, “let’s not scare her just yet!”  She laughed again, but I knew Regret wasn’t looking for that response.  Quickly, a flash of grey whipped behind Mercy and, instantly, Mercy was doubled over in pain.  I saw blood begin to drip to the ground from her stomach.

“TELL HER, MERCY!” Regret yelled.  I didn’t know what to do.  Should I go to Mercy?  Should I touch her…?  Or would my hands burn?  I stood my ground.  I didn’t feel the need to move, I felt that I couldn’t move.

“Fuck you, R-Regret!” Mercy yelled, then moaned loudly.  I couldn’t believe what was happening…  I had never seen this side of Mercy before.  Defeated.  Mercy then fell to her knees, still bent forward, pained.  She screamed out in agony as the sparkles in her dress became washed over with blood.  Then, in front of Mercy stood Regret.  My eyes widened.  Regret was standing in front of me.  He was like nothing I had ever seen before.  His jet black, short hair seemed greasy and unkempt.  His slim legs wore long, black dress pants that he stepped on with his heels.  He was grotesquely skinny and his ribs could be seen all the way around to his back sides.  He didn’t wear a shirt, so his shoulder bones were clearly visible under his pale, thin skin.  I only wished that I could see his face…

“That’s right, kneel.” Regret said.  “I’ll begin with the honors.”

“No!  B-bastard!” Mercy cried out.  Regret then turned to me and started at me with his black eyes.  His nose was long and slim, his eyebrows were thin along with his dry, parched lips.  He seemed grotesquely unnourished.  With his quick body spin to face me, I was startled by how he looked and I took a quick step back.  He could feel my fear.  He then glared at me with an eerie smile and said, “I’ll begin.  Mercy and I were married.”  My eyebrows raised.  This was information I would have never been able to guess.  Regret turned back to Mercy, and as he bent down next to her, his skin stretched over his boney spine.  Every little bone in his spine could be seen because of its risen state, and the shadows it cast across his back looked like jail bars.  He took his long, skinny fingers and wrapped them around Mercy’s hair.  He pulled her head back and said, “tell her the rest!”  Mercy probably didn’t even hear what Regret said.  She was focused on her pain, the expression in her face proved that.

“He…!” Mercy could hardly finish her sentence.  I didn’t know what good pulling her hair more would prove, but Regret thought different.  His grip tightened and her neck strained back.


“HE BEAT ME!” After hearing Mercy’s pained words, Regret let go of her hair and she fell to the ground in a spill of her blood. 

“That’s right…”  Regret began, returned to his standing position in front of her.  “Three broken ribs, a broken jaw, broken, little Mercy.  I KILLED HER, ALRIGHT.”

I was afraid to move, I didn’t want to endure the pain Regret could inflict.  I glanced quickly down to Mercy.  She seemed dead.  Well, then again-.

“DON’T LOOK AT HER.” Regret blocked my view by stepping in front of me and I returned my gaze to his black, heartless eyes.  His collar bone and ribs stuck out of him like someone had forcefully taken their hands and pressed them on his back and pushed with all their might.

“S-Sorry.” I murmured.  Regret’s eyes narrowed and he stared into me.

“Sorry?” He asked.  “Sorry…?  Feh…”


I found myself sitting on the couch again.  I looked around me, I was fine, I was safe.  I sighed and rubbed my head, but when I opened my eyes again, nothing was fine.  Mercy was passed out on the floor next to the couch.  I stood quickly, startled.

I heard the door click, then open.  Lucas walked slowly in, then he saw Mercy, too.  He ran towards her and said, “what the hell happened?!”  He knelt by her side but didn’t touch her.  Mercy faded then vanished.  Lucas stood quickly then looked towards me.  His eyes seemed terrified.  Immediately, he doubled over and moaned, grasping at the sides of his head.

“L-Lucas?!” I yelled, rushing towards him.  “What’s going on?  Is Mercy okay?”

“She’s fine…” He began, “but she’s pissed.”

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