Phase 24

I felt the need to forget Lucas.

A little more than a week went by when a new letter came to my door.  I picked up the letter and scanned it quickly.  It was clearly addressed to me, but there was no date on it and no return address.  Could it be from…?

I had done my best to block Lucas from my mind for the past week, but all that did was make me hate myself.  I couldn’t block Lucas, Denzel or Mercy from my mind.  I felt a special connection with each of them and I felt incomplete without them.

I carefully opened the letter, trying not to rip it.  I felt the need to save it before I even opened it, strange as it may seem.  I know it’s from Lucas.  I know it.  It must be.

“Stop.” I thought to myself, “if I say it’s from Lucas and I get my hopes up, it definitely will not be from Lucas.  My gut ruins everything.”  I begin to slip the letter out, but then it flew from my hands to the counter top in the kitchen.

“Regret…” I murmured, then spoke louder, “Regret!”

“What’s this?” Regret faded into view behind the counter.  He was bent forward, leaning over the letter.  His head was propped up by a hand on his chin and his other hand picked up the letter.  I turned towards him, glared and said, “give me that back, now!”

“Who is this from?” He fiddled the letter between his fingers.

“Give me that back!”  I watched as Regret slipped the letter out of the envelope.  He unfolded it, cleared his throat then scanned it with his eyes.  His eyebrows raised then said, “oh.  It’s from Lucas.”

“What?!” I ran closer and leaned over the counter, reaching the for letter.  Regret then pulled it back and said, “I’ll be back.”

Regret vanished and the room became warmer.  My eyes began to water as I longed to know what the letter said.  I then just waited.


….. Somewhere else in an alternate frequency of reality…..

“What the fuck are you doing now?  You can’t just summon us like this!  I didn’t want to see you again!” Mercy stamped forward from the darkness where she could be seen by Regret.  Regret was standing in his reality in a beam of light as Mercy stomped forward.  “You can only do this in an emergency!” She yelled.

“THIS IS AN EMERGENCY.” Regret glared at Mercy.  The twinge in his black eyes made Mercy stop in her tracks.  Her eyes narrowed and she said, “Then what the hell is the emergency?”

From the darkness emerged a tall man with jet black hair, a trench coat hanging over his shoulders, black pants falling onto his bare feet, and he clenched his long and skinny fingers…

“We’ve got a problem.” Denzel looked up to face Mercy.

“What?!” Mercy looked back from Regret to Denzel to Regret.  “What does Adam have to do with this?!”

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