Phase 25

“Adam has EVERYTHING to do with this!  Don’t you see the fucking problem?” Regret raised his hand and Mercy twitched.  Upon realizing her cringe from him, Regret put his hand down then looked back at the ground.  Denzel stepped forward into their triangle, his feet tapping the freezing cold ground.  He looked to Regret then said, “tell her what it has to do with me.”  Regret was obviously irritated, then he said, “Eliza, listen to me.  Listen closely.”  Mercy’s head perked up and she said, “It has to do with Roslyn, doesn’t it?  Damnit!”  Denzel stepped back discretely, getting shy.

“Shut up and listen, woman!” Regret yelled, “Roslyn is in love with Denzel!  Don’t you know what this means?!”

“W-We have to kill Roslyn…?!” Mercy’s eyes glossed over as she realized what would happen.

“What?” Regret said, “No!”

“…oh?” said Mercy.  “Then what is it?”

“Damnit, Eliza!  It means that she can’t bond with me!  If this lasts any longer, she’ll become almost immune to me and I can’t affect her!  She needs…  She needs Adam!  She needs Denzel!”

“But Adam’s only Class 2.” Mercy spit to the floor, “feh…”  Denzel shut his eyes and didn’t bother with fighting back.

“Watch your fucking mouth.” Regret said, referring to her spit.

“What are we going to do then?” Mercy asked.

Regret shut his eyes then said, “we need… to get Adam to a Class 3 demon.”

“HAHA!” Mercy laughed out loud, “Are you kidding me?”  Denzel leapt forward and grabbed Mercy’s arm.  She quickly turned her arm around and pulled away from his grip.

“Shut up, Eliza.” Denzel yelled.  “I’ll do it.”  Denzel turned to Regret then said, “Kyle, let’s get Roslyn.”






I sat shaking at the kitchen counter.  My arms were wrapped around my head and my feet were tapping the floor impatiently.  A loud gust was heard behind me and I turned quickly and frightened.  Regret was standing in front of…

“Denzel?!” I stood quickly, “Oh my God!” I ran quickly to Denzel but before I could reach him Regret held out his hand.  In his hand he held a gun.  “W-what?  Regret?”

“TAKE THE DAMN GUN, ROSLYN.”  I picked it up, staring into Denzel’s shaded, dark face.  “Not shoot Denzel three times!”  It was then clear to me that Denzel was going to become a Class 3 demon… but…

“Why me?” I asked.

“JUST DO IT!” Regret stood behind me and he lifted my hand up, pointing the gun to Denzel’s heart.  Denzel stood with blank eyes.  He showed no expression of love, of hatred, of fear, or of vengeance.  He stood faceless, expressionless, waiting for a shot.  My grip became shaky.  I couldn’t do it…  I just couldn’t!  I then felt Regret slam his hand into my backside and it forced me to pull the trigger.  With a loud shot, I shrieked then looked up to face Denzel.  His body had twisted as the shot had hit his shoulder.  Slowly, he turned back around and screamed, “MY HEART YOU FOOL!”

“D-Denzel…!” I said.  My eyes began to water as I slowly let down the gun, “I c-can’t!”

“YES YOU CAN!” Regret reached his skinny, spider-like arms around me and pulled my arm back up.  I felt the need to stall this.

“W-won’t people hear this?!”


My arm began to shake again as I slowly pulled down on the trigger.  I had to do it.  I pulled the trigger and the gun pushed against my palm.  I was shocked to see that Denzel didn’t budge a bit.  He stood, emotionless.  A tear slid down my face and I said, “Denzel!  I don’t want to do this!  I know how much it hurts you!”  He stood with his blank eyes staring at me, like he was a drone.

“AGAIN!” Regret laughed devilishly.  “The fun hasn’t even begun!  It’s the third shot that’s going to be the killer for him!  AGAIN, ROSLYN!”

I knew it had to be done and I knew I couldn’t get out of this with Regret breathing down my spine.  I pulled the trigger again and Denzel stood still, two holes through his chest.  Blood dripped from his chest as Regret took hold of my arm again.  His hands finally began to sting me as he was becoming more and more passionate.  Denzel was completely still, but in his black eyes looking downward, I could feel his pain.  I bit my bottom lip and my eyes grew larger with anxiety.  I shakily gripped the gun tightly, repositioned it in front of me and took hold of the trigger with my pointer finger.  The sweat began to roll behind my ear and my breath became irregular.

“I…” I clenched my teeth, “I CAN’T DO IT!” I fell to the floor, the gun scattering behind me a few feet.  I broke into tears, and through the glossy fog, I could see Denzel glaring at me.  He seemed disgusted with me.

Regret picked up the gun behind me and, with no hesitation or warning, he shot Denzel once more in the chest.  I shrieked, not wanting to see another hole in Denzel’s fragile chest.  I didn’t want to see him in pain, I didn’t want to watch as the third bullet pierced him, blasting the immense pain through his nerves to his heart, stopping him cold.  I couldn’t help myself but to open my eyes wider and see what had become of Denzel.  I lifted my head from looking at the floor and stared up at him.  He stood still, staring at Regret, breathing heavily and angered.  His beautiful trench coat was soaked with blood, as was his black shirt.

“Denzel!” I leapt up from the ground and ran to him.  I grasped at his shoulders, which inevitably burned my hands, but I didn’t care.  I bent my knees and looked up into his black eyes, filled with fire and pain.

I heard Regret laugh then his eyes narrowed and said, “… passed.”  Upon Denzel hearing this, he collapsed onto his back, his hand tensed into a claw position and he grasped at his chest.  I fell onto his chest, soaking my shoulder and cheek with his blood, and I yelled, “Regret, why did you do this?!”  After a moment of silence, I turned to see that Regret was gone.  I stood quickly and scanned the room for him.  He was gone.  …For good?

I turned back to Denzel, who laid passed out on the ground.  What will I do?!  Then I remembered what happened the last time I had a demon passed out here, she just disappeared.  I decided to wait.

After ten minutes of sitting and waiting and watching him, I was concerned that Denzel hadn’t disappeared to his realm.  I finally felt that I should kneel down next to him and see if he was breathing.  I knelt down next to him and… slowly… ever so slowly… I bent my head down next to his mouth.

Denzel then took his hand and grasped the back of my head with it.  He leapt up to his knees and the room became immensely cold.  He grabbed me by my hair and threw me to the wall by it.  I shrieked at the top of my lungs as I grasped the back of my head.  I cried out, “Denzel!”  I pulled my knees to my chest, afraid of what he would do.  He seemed completely different.  More strength surged through his veins, I could feel the energy around him.  I looked up to see him towering above me with three holes in his chest.

“I’ll be seeing you SOON.” He said, eerily, “I’m finally CLASS 3.”

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