Phase 3

It was a beautiful October evening as the sun started to fade below the horizon.  The road glistened with the hot road mirage, yet my mind was tossing and turning like the vicious open sea.  The road was quiet as I crossed to go closer towards the beach.  The Café was to my left, ahead of me, just 100 yards, was the beach.  It had been a long time since I had enjoyed the beach, even before Denzel.  I ran faster, then faster, towards the beach.  I still had time.  I leapt over the rock barricade, my knees shocked my fall and I bounced right up.  I leapt off the ground and ran towards the water, kicking the sand behind my back the entire way.

I stopped when I felt close enough.  The waves rolled up to me and tapped the tips of my shoes.  I took a step closer.

Hands went around my eyes, I couldn’t see, who was this, Denzel?  Darby?

“Why do you want to see this?” It was Denzel.  I stood at the tip of the waves, blind.

“It’s beautiful, Denzel.” I answered, “that’s why.  Don’t you think it is?”  I could see again, his hands were gone…  Then I felt a brush to my right side.  Was he standing next to me?  Was he standing… right next to me?

The waves brought cold wind and water spray to my mesmerized face.  The waves rolled in, the waves rolled out, all along singing the constant song of peace.

“You like this.” Denzel stated, “I like this too.”

It felt like the perfect time, so I hesitantly asked, “Denzel… are there others like me with someone like you?”

“Roslyn!” Feet were heard behind me as I spun around.  Denzel wasn’t beside me anymore, or was he?  Either way, I had no way of knowing besides that touch which was gone.  Darby was running towards me, and she caught her breath once she was standing in front of the waves with me.  Her blonde hair was tucked into her white scarf and she put her cold fingers into her pockets.  “What are you doing?  It’s freezing!”

I hadn’t noticed how cold it was until now.  Has Denzel taught me to become completely immune to the cold?  I then gave a small shiver, tucked my hands in my pockets and said, “You’re right, let’s go.”  Darby walked ahead of me, but before I got to far, I turned back to where I was last standing.

Two pairs of footprints were in the sand, standing side-by-side.  Then, nature always has a way, the footprints washed into the sea.


Darby and I took a seat at the far end of the restaurant, away from the noisy smokers at the bar and the loud, live entertainment.  I took a seat in a rather comfy, cushioned booth, and Darby sat opposite, separated by the dark, auburn colored table.  The light above the table hung low and round and, time to time, teetered this way and that.  The placemats were set with the silverware tucked neatly into the white napkin with the knife, as always, poking out the top, and the fork making a slight bulge at the side; the spoon, lost in the mix.  A waiter with the name tag of “Noah” came to our table, pulled out his writing tablet and pencil, and asked “what can I get you ladies to drink?”  I looked to Darby and nodded for her to put her order in first, trying to be polite.  She ran her fingers through her dirty blonde hair then said, “I’ll take the iced tea, swettened, thanks.”  As she folded her menu back up (watching her was like watching a frustrated driver fold up the complicated car map, so many folds and bends, except with the menu, there were many choices and loose, laminated pieces slipping out onto the table), I ordered my simple glass of water.  The waitier picked up Darby’s menu and the stray pieces, and he said, “don’t worry about it, ma’am.  Your drinks will be out shortly.  I’ll be back to take your dinner order.”  He put the meny back together and gently placed it right back in front of Darby on the placemat.

When the waiter left, I looked to Darby and we both smiled.  I hadn’t been out for some fun for a few months now… because of Denzel.  I wondered what he was doing now.  Was he still standing with his feet in the waves, seeing the water roll up and back?  Or is he being a moth on the wall again…

“Roslyn?” Darby interrupted my thoughts and I snapped back from my mind.  “How is work?”

“Work!” I said, rather loudly.  I then leaned in just a bit and said, softly, “Work is doing well!  It’s the slow season, so I’ve only got a few books to review and edit.  It’s not too tiresome, like in the spring!”

“I hear ya.” Darby then answered the question I was about to ask her.  “I’m actually looking for new work now.  My old job at the school really wasn’t cutting it for me.  I might actually go back to college for a few years to get a higher degree, you know how it is.”

The waiter quickly returned before I could get a word in and he delivered our drinks.  He again took out his pen and writing tablet and asked, “are we ready to order dinner, or should I give you two a few more minutes?”

“A few minutes please.” I said, opening the menu again.  He nodded then left.  Time to order.


The night seemed to drag on, but it was a good “dragging on”.  I hadn’t been out with a friend and had fun in a while, so Darby planning this was very nice.  Dinner was definitely a great idea.


The night ended at around 9o’clock with Darby walking me back to my apartment.

I turned and thanked Darby with a friendly hug, and she proceeded to walk back to the café to get her car and drive home.  I watched her short stature hurridly scamper back to her car, as the night became chillier.  I didn’t really mind.

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