Roslyn is a young San Francisco girl who is new in the working world. She has recently graduated college and is working as an assistant editor for a publishing company.  Ever since she graduated, her life has been turned completely upside down by an unexpected guest that makes her life unpredictable and completely miserable.  Who is he and why is he here to cause her so much torture? Mysteries unfold as she begins to discover more and more things about this dark man.
When Roslyn runs into an old friend, Lucas, she finds that they have more in common than she thought. Could they also be connected by some kind of special bond?
(Lucas; Introduced in Phase 5)
Read as Roslyn finds out more about this mysterious guardian and as she learns the damning truth about her past.
Follow Roslyn as she overcomes trials and falls into the pits of tribulation.  Will she escape her wildest fears?