Phase 12

….. From the perspective, mind, thoughts, and words of Lucas …

….. This chapter is spoken from the view of Lucas …..
“I’ve alienated myself from Roslyn again.” I said.  Angered, I clenched my fists and slammed my right hand against the hard wall.  “I’ve done it again.”

“She knows now, doesn’t she.” Mercy said.  She appeared next to me on the dusty bed.  Her legs were crossed, yet she still looked elegant.

“She knows I killed 3 people, but not who.” I stopped myself, “Get the fuck out of here Mercy, you’re the last person I was to talk to.”

“Don’t talk to me that way.” She said, glaring at me.  She took her hand and held her palm up, about a foot from my face.

“M- Mercy,” I stuttered, “Look, don’t, uh, don’t.”  I was immediately thrown into her world again.  I fell about ten feet and hit the dead ground.  Literally.  I yelled and staggered to my feet.  “Mercy!” I yelled, “Don’t do this, please!  God damnit, I hate it here!”  Surrounding me, bodies.  Some flesh, some bone, some in between.  The landscape went on forever.  Instantly, Mercy’s seductive black eyes were staring into mine.  “Leave me alone!” I turned around, facing the red and grey sky, not wanting to look down.  Dreading what body part I was standing on.

Instantly, I was double over with a terrible pain to my lower back.  Mercy had driven a spike into my spine.

“Talk to me with respect!” She said.  She pulled the spike slowly from my back.  With a final tug from it, it came out of my back and I fell forward onto the bodies.  I screamed out as blood leaked from the side of my lips.  “Stand up and talk to me!  Don’t yell!” Mercy grabbed my hair and pulled me up.  I stood on my weak legs and faced her.  She then took the massive spike and held it behind her.  “You don’t lie to anyone ever again!  How many times-!” she took the spike and hit my face with it.  “do I have to tell you that?!!” The blow paralyzed me for a moment and I collapsed.  The then took her foot, her bare foot, and stepped onto my throat with it.  The blood thickened in my mouth as I kicked my legs.  My arms ran up to my neck and I pushed at her leg.  She wasn’t breaking a sweat.  “Say it!” She yelled.  “Say you’re sorry and-.”

“I’m sorry!” I managed to cough my words through the blood. … “MERCY!


“Mercy!” I leapt out of the dusty cot and took in my surroundings.  I was back.  I pulled up my shirt and examined my stomach, then felt my back side.  No wounds.  Not this time, at least.  But I did manage to escape her realm with a pounding headache.  I flopped onto the ground and pressed my back against the cell bars.  I felt weak.  I felt vulnerable.  Most of all, I felt angered.  Mercy told me never to lie.  Never to lie… again.  I lied to Roslyn.  I should have just told her everything.  I finally find someone like me and she doesn’t trust me at all.  I should have told her the truth.

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