Phase 17

The men had left, my hands were free, the door was locked, and Lucas was fading into consciousness, then out again.  I sat by him, watching his chest rise up and down.

Then, I finally saw something out of the ordinary; a wallet was on other side of the room, being pressed on by a few loose pipes.  I retrieved it and opened it.  Two 5 dollar bills, one 10.  Credit card, and a name on the wallet.  Adam L. W.  I completely disregarded the name and grabbed the credit card.  Now, now, don’t be silly, I am not going on a shopping spree.  I hurried to the door and quickly slid the card between the handle and the wall, then I began jiggling the card.  Easier than I expected.

The door swung open with a quiet squeak, and I hurried back to Lucas.  I put the wallet in my coat pocket, then shook him, Lucas, Lucas?!!  His eyes opened and he sat up awfully slowly.  I then grabbed his shoulders and said, “we have to go, please, can you make it?” He was really messed up, I took that as a yes.  I pulled him to his feet, and helped him to the door.  He began walking up the steps, cautiously.  We reached the door at the top, and I opened it slowly and peeked my head out from behind it.  It was the room where I had first entered from the alley.  I helped Lucas into the room and we made it out into the alley, undetected.  Before we reached the daylight of the street, Lucas collapsed.  I told him to stay put while I hurried and got the car.  Everything worked out fine.

I brought him home and he limped onto the couch.  His leg swung and it hit the right half of the coffee table, he then said “sorry” between his staggered breaths.  As I rummaged the bathroom cabinet for bandages, I said “that’s ok.  It’s already broken.”

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